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About Me

Professional makeup artist with 18 years of experience in the beauty industry (Event/Special Occasion, Bridal/Wedding, Photography, Film, Commercial...etc). Certified by Make-up Designory of Los Angeles and Mac Cosmetics. Mobile Makeup Artist serving Toledo, OH and surrounding areas (also available for travel).

My Story

I've always loved makeup... (got into my mom's makeup at an early age) and all things that had to do with trend, beauty, and cosmetics. I started my journey in the beauty industry in the early 2000's. My first job working with makeup was at an Estee Lauder counter. This is where I did my first makeup application on a client; this was when I first discovered my love and passion for doing makeup which eventually led to my career as a makeup artist.

Hello, makeup artistry! I loved it and wanted to learn more. In 2005, I decided to further my makeup education and enrolled as a student at Make-up Designory in Los Angeles, CA. For an intensive 6 months, I ate, slept, and breathed all things makeup. Not only did I learn more about beauty makeup applications, but I also learned about character and special effects makeup. I completed the "Master Program" and became certified in all aspects of professional makeup.

Hello, world of freelance! I became an independent freelance makeup artist and traveled to clients for on-site makeup applications. I booked my own gigs doing makeup for bridal, special occasions, photography, independent film, commercial, runway, and was a guest artist to instruct for The University of Toledo's Theatre Stage Makeup class.

Hello, MAC Cosmetics! I wanted to work with "The Makeup Authority", and that was MAC, so in 2011, I started working as a makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. I received so much training and did so many faces (more makeup and false lash applications than I can count!). I even had the opportunity to work on a couple celebrities! MAC was great for continuous learning about season trends, new techniques, and product formulations. I became certified from MAC with the ability to do a full face application in a timely manner, execute graphic liner looks, tattoo cover-ups, the works...etc. 

Fast forward to today (2024)...I'm still a MAC girl (MAC Freelancer) and an independent freelance makeup artist. I still have that same passion for makeup as I did with even more experience under my belt. If you've read this far, thank you for your interest!

Worada (Makeup Ma'am)

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